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Ma’din Academy is driven by a noble vision to make tomorrow better through quality education with uncompromised traditional values.

Ma’din Makes Tomorrow


Let’s call it, Year of Future

Ma’din Academy was founded to accelerate universal endeavors in pursuit of achieving world peace, sustainable development, and educational excellence by translating knowledge into social-minded action.
Madin observes 2022 as The Year of Future and conduct year-long various programs. It is aimed encouraging the new generation to make the best of innovation to shape a better future.

Year of Future

About Ma’din



Ma’din Academy is driven by a noble vision: to make tomorrow better through quality education with uncompromised traditional values, research to redesign and innovation to impact. We are open to talented people, outstanding ideas and boundless resources to co-create the future of the world where people celebrate humanity.


Ma’din is profoundly traditional, with a mission to promote Islamic faith tradition and scholarship with ingenuity and drive. At the same time, and without the slightest sense of contradiction, Ma’din is profoundly modern in order to address the challenges and changes of the world being a global hub for fundamental and futuristic technologies, research, and innovation.

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Ramadan Prayer Meet: Sea of Humanity at Ma’din Campus

April 29th, 2022|Tags: , , |

After two years of COVID-19 uncertainties and restrictions, the sprawling Ma'din Academy grounds at Swalath Nagar near here turned into a sea of humanity on Thursday night. The prayer congregation organised by the Ma'din Academy pulled in the faithful

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