Ma'din welcomes new comers..

Admission 2018 has been scheduled to February 1 to April 20. The detailed information has been listed here. If you are missing any information, please drop us a mail to Happy applying.

Name of Institute Admission opens on Admission closes on Admission Mode Entrance Exam contact
Ma’din She Campus 1st February 7th May Online 8th May 9048969637
Ma’din Hifz Qur’an College 15th March 5th April Online 7th April 9847355299
Ma’din College of Islamic Da’wa 1st April 6th May Online  7th May  9633158822, 9947846210
Ma’din Model Academy 15th March 5th April Online 7th April 9020202005
Ma’din Sadath Academy 1st April 13th May Online 14th May 8714328313
Ma’din Technorium Residential Campus Online 9497379003
Ma’din School of Excellence 15th March 5th April Online  7th April 9495019405
Ma’din Q Land Online  17th February 9946623412
Ma’din Public School February 20th April Offline 9400462337
Ma’din ITI 1st April 15th July Offline 04832976888,9747608737
Ma’din Ample Shore 1st April 2nd May Online 9946623412
Ma’din Sci-Tech Park 23rd April 11th May Online 02th June 9744683008, 9946623412