Malappuram: The Swalath spiritual meet organized by Madin academy concluded here on Thursday arousing the spiritual minds of thousands of believers. The prominent scholar from Yemen Sayyid Habeeb Alavi ALhadhad inaugurated the meet attended by tens of thousands of devotees from in and out of Kerala. Madin academy chairman Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Albukhari led the various sessions of the meet.

Speaking on the occasion Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Albukhari asserted the need of a spiritual and purified mind for a welfare society here and for an endless bliss in the life hereafter. He also announced the various innovative projects to be undertaken by the academy in the coming years. ‘A society which adheres to the spiritual values put forward by our forefathers before 50 years and is capable of utilizing the technology advances after 50 years is the need of the hour. Ma’din aims at the creation of such a society’, he added.

The Swalath meet facilitated the believers to perform various spiritual chanting and supplication including Virdhullathief, the prayer for the dead, Swalathunnariyya, Hadhadh and other prayers. To accept the Ijaaza for the recitation of Hadhadh came as a matter of great fortune for the devotees in the program. Those attended were provided with food (Thabarruk) after the meet. The program also felicitated the students from the academy who deserved appreciation for their best performance in their U.G.C examinations.

Sayyid Ahmad Alavi ALhadhad, Sayyid Ali Alavi ALhadhad, Sayyid Habeeb Koya Cherakkaparamb, Sayyid Pookkkoya Thangal Thalappara, Sayyid Ahmad Badavi, Sayyid Bakir Shihab, Sayyid Abdulla Habeeburrahman al Bukhari, Sayyid Abdurrahman Mullakkoya Thangal, Ponmala Moideenkutty Baqavi, Dr Muhammad Kunhi Saqafi Kollam, Prof A.K Abdul Hameed, N.M Swadiq Saqafi and many others were present.