Dr. Abbas Panakkal, director of International relations at Ma’din Academy Malappuram, Kerala, India presented  paper on Indian background on the theme ‘Narrating Prophet Stories in India:  Practical Guidance from Authentic Islam’ in the ‘2nd Annual Zaytuna College Conference on Higher Education on ‘Forging Islamic Authority: Navigating Text and Context in the Modern World’, jointly organized by Zaytuna College and University of  Berkeley today (April 4 Saturday)  in Berkeley, United States which discussed the disguised Islamic authorities which defame real Islam and falsify its great tradition of peace and harmony. The special feature of Indian Islam and its power for cooperation and integrating along with time tested practice of moderation was discussed in the conference.

The tragic issues raised by Islamic State and its wide spread attention in the light of new crunch   in Middle East was the highlight of the conference. Yemen crisis is a baby of forging Authorities, brought out by fanatic and terrorist movements.  The conference high light the how drastically people and faith groups disguised and created crisis in the name of religion.


The conference tried to unveil the real nature of the crisis in the Muslim world. In many ways, the crisis all over the world revolves around Islamic authority and this scenario has to be changed with the teaching of real Islam and practical lessons from Prophet’s life. If international law recognizes nation states, what role is there for solidarity on the basis of a trans-national society? The conference discussed the new US crisis of Islamophobia and tried to find answer for many questions like the identity as well as forged Authority.


The conference turned to be a good academic gathering of scholars who discussed new threat of IS and other special group, who spoil the real face of religion of peace. Dr. Steven Fink, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Maurice Hines North Carolina Central University, Durham, Reem Elghonimi, University of Texas at Austin, Samaneh Oladi, University of California, and   Arafat Abdur Razzaque, Harvard University are some of the presenters in the conference.  It was remarkable that the Ministry of Culture and Youth from United Arab Emirates presented a panel in the conference, and this will be much important in the special scenario of Yemen Crisis. Dr. Nasr Arif, Islamic Civilization Academy, MCYCD, United Arab Emirates; Professor of Political Science, Cairo University, Egypt and Dr. Khalil Hussein Khalil represent the Ministry in the conference.

The Conference that ended today was also supported by Northern California Islamic Council, Islamic Scholarship Fund, University Berkeley, Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies, SFSU College of Ethnic Studies, Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Initiative Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project.