Being the voice of the voiceless and facilitating sustained life to the marginalized people should be the emphasis of journalism , said the prominent journalist and winner of the Google digital activist award 2014, Shubhranshu chaudhary. He was speaking in the media discussion organised by Madin School of Journalism.

Speaking on the occasion, he also added, “By augmenting the democratization of communication and information, a humane development can be made possible.  Accordingly people living in the tribal forests and the residents in remote villages living without any connection with the outer world could be brought to the reach of development. The readiness to make such a move is what wanted from media and government”. He was  the former South Asian reporter of B.B.C. He has also reported for the B.B.C in particular incidents like Kargil war, the Ethnic Revolt in Srilanka and the Afghan- Pak tensions.

He expressed satisfaction that the developmental and humane faces of the journalism can be vividly manifested with modern scientific techniques.  The victory of CGnet Swara in portraying the problems in the remote forests of Chattisgarh to the government through its mobile application is a glaring example of it.