As part of the ten- day long program celebrating the UN Arabic language day organized by Madin academy, fiesta Arabia, a convention for the academic students titled Multhaqa Thwalaba was conducted . Samastha central vice president and principal of Kasargod based Jamia Saadiyya A.K Abdurrahman Musliyar inaugurated the convention. Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Albukhari presided.

Addressing the students, A.K Abdurrahman Musliyar stressed the need for the study of Arabic language with its grammar and epistemology. ‘The epistemology and Arabic grammar are the basic elements of Arabic language and a considerable proportion of the global information are related with Arabic language’ he added

S.S.F state president Abdul Jaleel Saqafi, Ibrahim Baqavi Melmuri, Aboobacker Saqafi Kuttasseri, Abdul Gafoor Saqafi Kavanur and Shafeeq Misbahi also spoke.

The famous Canadian- born European poet Paul Southerland will inaugurate the concluding session of Fiesta Arabia today evening by 5 pm. Madin chairman Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Albukhari will preside .Sayyid Shihabudheen Bukhari, Sayyid Habeeb Thurab Thalappara, Dr K.K.N Kurup, Dr Abdul Jabbar, Prof Hussain (EFLU Hyderabad), Faisal Ahsani Randathani, Shukkoor Azhari Parappur and A Moideen Kutty will take part in the session.

Young researchers from different universities will present their seminar papers on the topic “Malabar and Arabic”