Ma’din Grand Masjid

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Ali Sa’ada Grand Masjid, publicly know as Ma’din Grand Masjid is located in Swalath Nagar Campus of Ma’din Academy, near Malappuram town.  Grand Masjid is a main attraction of Ma’din’s buildings and structure. It was opened in 2008 by then president of Samastha Kerala Sunni Jamiathul Muallimeen Thajul Ulama Sayyid Abdurahman Al Bukhari. The masjid is the main venue for major spiritual events held at Ma’din Academy. The masjid can accommodate five thousand believers at a prayer with better restroom facilities. There is a special prayer hall for women travellers aswell.

Grand Masjid was listed in Kerala Tourism map recently.

Photo Gallery Film Shot in Grand Masjid