Ma’din Tahfeezul Qur’an College

There is a special section the learning of the Holy Quran by heart with Thajveed.


Qur’an College facilitates deep study of sacred texts and learning the Holy Quran by heart with Thajveed.
The college values scholarly independence, and depth and diversity in teaching methods. It uses a number of recitation systems passed down for generations.

Academic Structure

10 years of duration

Dual degree system
Moulavi Hafiz Adany (Graduation from Ma’din Academy)
Graduation from UGC approved university


5th std from an institution approved by Govt. of Kerala/ India + 5th std of Madrassa Education

Admission Period

February - April [Apply Online]

Fee Structure

Tuition fee, accommodation, food and other fees for co-curricular activities will be waived by Ma’din Academy.

Courses Offered

Hifz (Qur’an Memorisation)
MSE (Madrasa Secondary Education)
HSISc (Higher Studies in Islamic science)
BISc (Bachelor in Islamic science)

SSE (School Secondary Education)
HSE (Higher Secondary Education)
Computer Training

Know more


    • Qur’an Theatre
    • Library & Research Centre
    • Digital Lab
    • Hostel System
    • Smart Classroom

Co-Curricular Activities

    • Hifz Repetition (Dourah)
    • Literary meetings
    • Foreign languages meeting (English, Arabic, Spanish etc)
    • Language clubs (Arabic, English, Urdu)
    • Ideal club to promote discussion and practical of logic works
    • Personality development and social interaction

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Swalath Nagar, Melmuri, Malappuram


+91 9847355299
+91 9526234786

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