Department of Higher Education and Research

Swalath Nagar


he Department of Research and Higher Education is established in 2021 to promote a research-oriented study culture in Ma’din Academy. To full fill our objectives the department runes various research projects, programmes, and certificate course. This Department with its multidisciplinary approach makes a unique attempt to provide research opportunities in the whole range of Islamic studies. Quranic Studies, Hadeeth Studies, Islamic legal discourses, spiritual studies, Islamic historiography, and Islamic civilization and culture are the major focussed area of our research.

The department offers courses at graduation level and post-graduation level. One Year Research Orientation Programme (1YROP) is designed for undergraduate students to equip them with various tools of contemporary academic discourses. 1YROP helps to understand the basics of research methodology, academic writing, and engage students with academic activities. After successful completion 1YROP selected 25 students can enrol to the Research Club, this is a unique gathering to engage with their research dreams.

The Department of Research and Higher Education provides various certificate courses for postgraduate (Kulliyya) students. Introduction to Research, Research Methodology, and Academic Skill Enhancement Program (ASEP) are the noted programs. Research Project and Dissertation is solely designed for post graduate students (Kulliyya) to enhance their ability to research, especially in Islamic Studies. During this course students will submit their dissertation under the guidance of prominent scholars of Islamic studies.

The department motivates Ma’ din students to enrol premier higher education institutions inside and outside of the country. Higher Studies and Placement Orientation Program (HSPOP) is designed for this purpose. Orientation programmes, coaching classes and expert talks are conducting timely. Along with these courses the department is organizing seminars, monthly research paper presentation, and “Meet with scholars” events.

College of Islamic Da’wa 06

Courses offered

Programs for Kulliyya

  • Introduction to Research (Part I and II)
  • Research Methodology (Part I and II)
  • Research Project and Dissertation
  • Academic Skill Enhancement Program (ASEP)
  • Higher Studies and Placement Orientation Program (HSPOP)

Programs for Undergraduates

  • One Year Research Orientation Programme (1YROP)
  • Research Club


Dr. Ibrahim Sidheeqi Kuppalath

Head of the Department

Moulavi Falil Sidheeqi

BA. English

MA. Public Administration

MA. Islamic Studies

PhD. Islamic Studies (Jamia Millia Islamia)

Research Project: Advancing Scientific and Theological Literacy in Madrasa Discourses Program. University of Notre Dame, USA

Muhammed Aslam Adany Kalikavu

Academic Coordinator

Moulavi Falil Adany

BA. English

MA. Islamic Studies