College of Islamic Da’wa


Ma’din Da’wa College System was maintained by Kerala Ulama with a view to generate Islamic scholars who are also well aware of current affairs.


a’din College of Islamic Da’wa envisages a new generation that can creatively respond to the changing needs of our time. Religious scholars equally competent in worldly affairs are the need of the era. Along with a strong emphasis on theology and spirituality, ample exposure to up-to-date information, latest technical know how & modern trends in education are provided.

Students who scored high marks in S.S.L.C Examination are eligible for admission. Those who complete seven years’ of study here are sent to various Universities and Ma’din Kulliyya of Islamic Sceince for Master & Research Level Studies

Academic Structure

7 years duration

  • Dual degree system.
  • Moulavi Aalim Adany (Graduation from Ma’din Academy)
  • Graduation and Post Graduation from UGC approved university.


  • Matriculation/ SSLC from an institution approved by Govt. of Kerala/ India + 10th std of Madrassa Education

Fee Structure

  • Tuition fee, accommodation, food and other fees for co-curricular activities can be waived by Ma’din Academy.
Extra curricular activities

What's extra with us?

  • Comparative Religious Study.
  • Sargotsav.
  • Al Fatah Monthly
  • Litzamaj, a Trilingual Magazine
  • Da’wa Wing
  • Literary meetings
  • Language clubs
  • Knowledge Hub
  • Islamic Research Club
  • Health Club
  • Social Work & Charity Activities
  • Life Skill Development and
  • Social Interaction
  • Writers’ Forum
  • Spiritual Meet
  • Summer Fest
  • Meelad Campaign


Sayyid Shafeeque Al Bukhari Saquafi Karuvanthiruthi


Moulavi Falil Saquafi

BA. English

MA. English

Aboobakkar Baqavi Kavanoor


Moulavi Falil Baqavi

Mohamed Ali Jouhar Ahsani Kamil Saquafi Vengara


Moulavi Falil Ahsani Kamil Saquafi

Moulavi Falil Al Arshadi

BA. History

BA. Arabic

MA. History

MA. Arabic

B.Ed History

B.Ed Arabic

Mansoor Sa'adi A R Nagar


Moulavi falil sa'adi

BA. Economics

BA. Sociology

MA. Malayalam

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