Ma’din Model Academy

South Trippanachi

Religious scholars equally competent in worldly affairs are the need of the era. Ma’din envisages a new generation that can creatively respond to the changing needs of our time. Ma’din Model Academy is an initiative towards this end. This college offers undergraduate programmes in material and religious sciences.

This college and its tutorial systems involves close academic supervision and careful personal support for each student. It helps foster the intense interdisciplinary approach that inspires many of outstanding research achievements. It emphasises both theology and spiritually in the modern world.

Extra curricular activities

What's extra with us?

  • Weekly Literary meeting
  • Languages practicing (English, Arabic, Urdu etc)
  • Language clubs (Arabic, English, Urdu)
  • Special mentoring in Thasneef (Book writing)
  • Imam shafiee study chair
  • Heritage library
  • Ideal club to promote discussion and practical of logic works
  • Personality development and social interaction


Musthafa Saquafi Nizami Puramannoor


Moulavi Falil Saquafi

Moulavi Falil Nizami

Shafeeque Adany Cherakkaparamba


Moulavi Kamil Saquafi

BA. English

MA. English

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