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Urava Publications is the publishing department of Ma'din Academy. Books on Muslim culture and tradition are the main focus. Moreover books on history, Islamic jurisprudence, Sufism, Theology and Literature are also being published. From its inception on May 16, 2018, the Institute's publishing department has been expanding under the name Urava Publications. The first book published by Urava is a memoir by Sayyid Ibrahimul Khalil Al Bukhari. The publication which gained public attention by the selling of over 10,000 copies of this book later published over 25 books in Malayalam, Arabic and English languages. Visit for reading the online version of Urava Magazine, published under Urava Publications.


Ummer CK Melmuri

Director & Chief Editor

Rilwan Aboobakkar Adany Akkode

Managing Editor

Moulavi Falil Adany

BA. English

MA. English

MA. Folklore studies

PG. Diploma in Journalism

Noufal Adany Thazhekkode

Content Editor

Moulavi Falil Adany

BA. English

MA History

Afsal Rahman Adany Kuzhiyamparamba

Creative & Digital Editor

Moulavi Falil Adany

BA. Economics

PG Diploma in journalism & Mass Communication

Muhammed Ali Shihab Adany Eranjimavu

Public Relation Manager

Moulavi Falil Adany

BA. English

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