Ma’din She Campus

ENANTHI -Nilambur

As the age old adage goes, “If you educate a man, you educate an individual…But If you educate a woman, you educate a family”.


t is with this noble vision that, Ma’din ‘She-Campus’ was inaugurated by Ma’din chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleelul Bukhari at Enandhi, near Nilambur. She-Campus opened its gates for education in June 2015, with 30 students.

She campus, spread over an acre of lush greenery and has State-of-the-Art Infrastructure facilities. Students are trained in a plethora of disciplines by a highly qualified and experienced faculty which includes academicians and researchers. Besides equipping the students with a higher secondary education (plus two) of the Kerala State Education Board, they are thoroughly taught about The Holy Quran, Hadith, Literature, History & Culture of Muslims. Special attention is paid to identify the capabilities of students, develop essential soft skills and strengthen their inherent potentials so as to equip them to pursue success in modern society as Muslim women.

Courses Provided
  • HSISc (Higher Studies in Islamic science)
  • BISc (Bachelor in Islamic science)
  • HSE (Commerce and Science)
Extra curricular activities

What's extra with us?

  • Raihan Camp
  • Home Science Class
  • Coaching for Cooking
  • Tailoring
  • Arts Fest
  • Pre-Marital Counselling
  • Charity Activities & Social Work
  • Personality development and social interaction
  • Writers’ Forum
  • Ideal Club
  • Spiritual Meetings
We are visible where you are

Let's stay in touch

We are visible where you are

Let's stay in touch


Abdussamad Saquafi Oravampuram


Moulavi Falil Saquafi

Jamal Master Karulayi

Academic Director

Muhammed Bishar Adany Mongam


Moulavi Falil Adany

MA. Political Science

MA. English

BA. English

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