School of Excellence

Down Hill, Malappuram

Ma’din envisages a new generation that can creatively respond to the changing needs of our time.

Ma’din envisages a new generation that can creatively respond to the changing needs of our time. Ma’din School of Excellence was the first initiative of Ma’din Academy, into the field of religious-material sync education. Established in 1999, the eco-friendly campus stands high in the heart of Malappuram city, allowing the students to experience the heartbeats of urbanization firsthand.

The institute boasting itself of its unique Library – houses the rarest of books from science to Islam and fiction to mythology- and publishing bureau, have been and is the hotbed of exemplary, turban donning, white sleeved professional prodigies, making their presence felt in and out of the nation. The institute under the strict and thoughtful supervision of visionary tutors admits students to grade eight and nurtures them with the maximum facilitation till they graduate and leave for higher studies. The institute’s careful personal approach to each student has helped in fostering the intense interdisciplinary approach that inspires many outstanding research achievements. Within the brief period spanning 8 years, School of Excellence arms them for the toughest of tests and moulds them to become morally boosted leaders for the future.

Academic Structure

  • Courses will be offered from
  • 8th Std to Bachelor Degree.
  • 3 Years for Secondary Education
  • 2 Years for Higher Secondary Education
  • 3 Years for Graduation Period

Those who completed 7th standard in School and Madrassa education

During March - April months.

Tuition fee, accommodation, food and other fees for co-curricular activities will be waived by Ma’din Academy.

Extra curricular activities

What's extra with us?

  • Comparative study Islamic Banking and general finance.
  • Hijra Calendar designing
  • Tableegh’ Trips
  • Literary meeting in mother tongue
  • Foreign languages meeting (English, Arabic, Spanish etc)
  • Language clubs (Arabic, English)
  • Ideal club to promote discussion and practical of logic works
  • Personality development and social interaction


Shafeeque Misbahi Pathirikkodu


Moulavi Falil Misbahi

BA English

Abdulla Uvais Saquafi Cherukodu


Moulavi Falil Saquafi

BA History

MA History

Abdul Kadir Ahsani Velimukku


Moulavi Falil Ahsani

BA English

MA Arabic

Ahmad Kamil Saquafi Mambeethi


Moulavi Kamil Saquafi

BA English

Noufal Adany Kuttasheri


Moulavi Falil Adany

BA Economics

MA Economics

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+91 (944) 672 9375

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