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Ma’din Public School, Kadannamanna


Innovative teaching techniques and individual approach are the credentials of our success.

This peaceful campus inculcate moral values among the students. IEBI recognised Madrasa education facility is also available for the students.
We believe in alround development of a child. To make this possible, apart from arts fest and sports meet, the school is conducting different day celebrations, events and programs throughout the academic year.

Mazhavil Club, ‘Efflorescence’ literary club, ‘Geomic’ maths club, eco club etc. are also providing different platforms for the students to showcase their talents and polish their skills. Skill development training and child mentoring program are also worth special mentioning. We are also providing martial arts training for the interested students.

Extra curricular activities

What’s extra with us?

To bring up the new generation to recognize the values a society treasures ,a nation  upholds, they are exposed to the various social services and voluntary experiences. Madin school students’ police unit plays a decisive role in instilling social commitment and national awareness into the young minds

a holistic attempt

Beyond just being a school as any other, Ma’din public school strives to build a society having strong base of education and morals.

We are visible where you are

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We are visible where you are

Let's stay in touch

Reach out to us via email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. For immediate inquiries feel free to give us a call.

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