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Able World

Swalath Nagar

The Able World, an institute specially designed for the uplift of persons relegated unfortunately from the mainstream society for either their mental, physical or intellectual impairment or for other reasons. The new Able World will wholeheartedly undertake all requirements necessary for their empowerment; equip them to cope up mentally with the mainstream society and to efficiently tackle the vast potential in their different ability.


he foundation stone laying ceremony of the Able World is scheduled to conduct on 27th July, Thursday at 3pm. In the auspicious ceremony, we are honored with the esteemed presence of the Lulu Group International Patron Padmashree M.A Yusufali to perform the stone laying function.

Why “People of Determination”

Because they are living such an inspiring life by countering their physical or mental inability

The aspect of determination of those who suffer from physical or mental inability to live an inspiring life countering obstacles, most of them are socially imposed, has to be appreciated. Therefore, they are not simply ‘differently abled’, but ‘People of Determination’ which enables us to stand with them in their effort to be the part of the mainstream. Thus we are not holding, but giving our hands.!

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