An international seminar on the topic ‘Malabar and Arabic’ marked the conclusion of the ten day long program organized by the Madin academy titled Fiesta Arabia as part of its celebration of the UN Arabic language day. The famous intellect and Canadian poet Abdul Wadood Paul Sutherland inaugurated the concluding session of fiesta Arabia.

Speaking on the accession, Abdul Wadood lamented for the present scenario of exploiting the language, though the driving force of cultural socialization, to arouse cultural calamities and discrimination. ‘It was The Arabic language and culture that shed light to the world when the world culture and civilization was on the verge of collapse. That the language that paved way for the European renaissance has been misunderstood today is paradoxical. So, the actions of the language admirers should be directed towards discarding these misunderstandings’, he added

Madin chairman Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Albukhari presided. Sayyid Habeeb Thurab Thangal, Dr K.K.N Kurup, K.C Aboobacker Faisy Kavanur, Ibrahim Baqavi Melmuri, Prof Hussain ( EFLU Hyderabad), Faisal Ahsani Randathani, Shukkoor Azhari Parappur, Sayyid Hussain Ahmadabad, Hamid Husain and Abdullatheef Poovathikkal also spoke.

As part of fiesta Arabia, various programs like scholars’ meet, workshops for students and teachers, literary meets, language contests and young researchers’ seminar had been organized in Madin Academy.