Madin Academy, an Islamic educational and research centre, has been invited to send a delegation to the interfaith summit to be held on the sidelines of the G-20 meet in Australia.

The institution, located in Malappuram, was selected to be part of the conference to be held in Brisbane in view of its contributions to interfaith harmony and tolerance.

Academy Chairman Sayyid Ibrahim Kaleelul Bukhari will lead the group and will leave for the Australian conference tomorrow, Madin Academy said in a statement.

“We are so happy to attend the meet and speak on the beauty of the diversity of India. Our interfaith experience and togetherness are the backbone of our great democracy. With the experience in G-20 conference, Madin Academy aims at strengthening its Interfaith harmony programmes,” Buhkari said.

A discussion forum held at the Academy as a prelude to the meet was addressed by the Director of the Centre for interfaith and cultural dialogue at Griffith university, Brian Adams, through video conferencing.

News Reported in Business Standard on 13th Nov 2014  (Read the Article)

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