The Grand Assembly organized by Ma’din Academy as part of the Republic Day celebrations at Swalath Nagar was a resounding success. The event brought together around eight thousand students and community members, with Chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleel Al Bukhari taking the oath of allegiance to the Constitution for the protection and preservation of its principles. Students, adorned in artistic attire, paid homage to the national flag with captivating presentations.

Various activities such as art displays, a grand salute, patriotic songs, a students’ police cadet march past, and more added to the vibrant atmosphere. In a stirring speech, Sayyid Bukhari emphasized the importance of upholding the values of unity and integrity in India. He called for concerted efforts to eliminate injustice and inequality prevalent in various corners of the country.

The chairman also highlighted the need for the government to actively engage in initiatives that promote equal opportunities and development for all citizens. He stressed that a peaceful and progressive India is the collective dream, and to achieve it, the government must address issues of instability and inequality persisting among the people.

Sayyid Muhammad Farooq Jamalullail, Sayyid Khasim Swalih Aidroosi, Sayyid Shafiq Al Bukhari, Sayyid Ahmadul Kabir Al Bukhari, Samastha District Secretary Ibrahim Baqavi Melmuri, Abu Bakr Saqafi Kuttasherri, Sulaiman Faisi Kizhisherri, Abdul Jaleel Saqafi Kadallundi, Abu Bakr Saqafi Areekode, Saitalavi Peringavu, Dulfukar Ali Saqafi, Principal Saithalavi Koya, Noufal Kodur, Noorul Ameen Lakshadweep, Shafiq Misbahi, Basheer Saqafi Vayanad, Mustafa Saqafi Puramannur, and Is’haq Saqafi Erumappetti, among others, expressed their thoughts on various aspects related to the nation and its citizens.

In conclusion, the event aimed to instill a sense of national pride and responsibility among the students and the community, emphasizing the need for collective efforts towards achieving a peaceful, progressive, and egalitarian India.