Accommodating   fully- developed facilities to be trained and versed with the French language and culture, Madin academy is about to witness the inception of its new French school at Madin campus. The French school will impart a comprehensive study course of French language including its spoken, written, translation and other grammatical rules, starting from its primary stage to further higher studies.  At the convenience of the students, it will provide both weekly and daily based practical tuition classes. Intensive training for the DELF, the recognized course for the French language, will be granted from the beginning itself.

The course of the school has been designed in order that graduates, post graduates, those seeking jobs in the country and abroad, translators and teachers who are in need of proficiency in French language will be equipped with its required competency if completed. After completion of the course, a recognized certificate too will be provided with.

Madin Academy chairman Sayyid Bukhari said the expertise of the applicant in foreign languages is regarded more important for the entry of those coming from the engineering background to get job abroad.  It is this reason that made Madin Academy to focus more on imparting various foreign languages.  With this French school, Madin Centre for Foreign Languages added one more foreign language to its language list enabling it to provide facilities to learn totally five foreign languages consisting Arabic, Spanish, English, French and German.