Malappuram: Ma’din Academy welcomes the holy month of  Ramadan with 25-item action plans to be implemented during the whole month. In the variety of progrmmes that cover 33 days, the Academy conveys the message of charity and mercy to around half a million families. Eminent personalities in the religious, social and political arenas will be present in the programmes.

SYS general secretary Perode Abdurhman Saquafi  inaugurated here a big project that includes Spiritual gatherings, educational-charity-service activities, Awakening classes, Iftar meetings, Online sessions, etc.

On Friday 28 June, Ma’din Grand Masjid will host Marhaban Ya Shahr Ramadan programme which will be led by Ma’din chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleelul Bukhari. The relief programme held as part of ‘Hand Strech of Mercy’ project was inaugurated on Friday evening at Enandi, Nilambur.

Every Friday from 9.a.m onward spiritual gathering is arranged and from Rmadan one to thirty there will be Hadith classes and Ithikaf Jalsa at Ma’din Grand Masjid. Accommodation facilities have been arranged for those who reach for Ithikaf Jalsa. And every day after Magrib prayer, special study classes will be held.

Elaborated facilities are arranged for the Ifthar Meet here at the Grand Msjid. Thousands of believers will gather here for the Ifthar  to which the food items such as ‘Pathiri’  arrive from the Muslim homes in Malappuram and surrounding areas.

The ‘Rayyan’ study classes on different topics will be conducted for women from July 2 onwards. In the classes led by eminent scholars, the participants will be provided occasions to clarify their doubts. Special lectures and commemoration programmes will be held on Khaleefa Ali (R.A), Prophet’s wife Khadeeja (R.A), Fathima (R.A),  Ayisha (R.A), Nafeesatul Misriyya (R.A), Imam Malik (R.A) and Tippu Sulthan.

A ‘Zakath’ conference will be held on 4th Ramadan. Commemorating  the forefathers which is one of the important messages of the holy Ramadan, the academy conducts ‘Paitrika Yatra’ through various ‘Mahals’ on July 20.  Social Media Presummit  is organised on July 20.

On Ramadan 16, commemoration of Badar and Spiritual conference will be conducted. The names of those 313 great men who fought for Islam in the Battle of Badar will be recited in the conference which will end after a concluding Dua. Thousands of people are expected to participate in the programme.

From Ramadan 20 onwards there will be spiritual talks after Taraweh prayer. Shafi Saquafi Mundambara will lead the talks.

On Sundays in the holy Ramadan, a month in which the holy Quran was revealed, Quran classes will be held from 7 to 8 in the morning. Qatmul Quran, Mahallu Get together and Alumni Meet also is held in the sacred month. For the blind and the hearing impared people, Orientation camp and Eid Kit distribution will be conducted at the Swalath Nagar campus.

Ma’din programmes will be webcast for those who are not able to participate directly at Swlath Nagar. Webinar programmes that  impart the brightness of the holy Ramadan will also be organised here.

Arrangements are in full swing  for the mammoth prayer congregation that takes place on the eve of 27th Ramadan. All the arrangemens are led under the supervision of a 5555 member-welcome team.

A Helpline has been set up for the arrangement of the programme: +919946623412, +919633158822. Website: