Ma’din Grand Assembly pledged to save the Indian constitution

Grand Assembly held in Swalath Nagar on republic day marked as a mega event to save the Indian Constitution.

February 3, 2020

The assembly which was a collective commitment of students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the academy was addressed by Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Bukhari and he led the pledge to save the Constitution of India.

As part of the assembly, the academy hosted students’ parade with the Indian flag, grand salute, march past of the students’ police, and cultural programs on the theme of national integrity.

Equipping students in a bid to serve the society and the growth and development of the country lays the foundation of the bright future of India- Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Bukari said during his address. Faith, respect to parents and teachers and patriotism should lead the students and students can play a pivotal role in defending the nation from all threats against the integrity and sovereignty of the country, he continued.

Ma’din Students released their reupublic day song in the assembly.