Malappuram: Ma’din Academy, a new institute of Turkish language launched here at Swalath Nagar, Malappuram. It is the part of the language resource project under Ma’din. The Institute of Turkish marks the fifth language centre initiated by Ma’din Academy, with already having separate institutes for English, Arabic, Spanish and Urdu languages.

Today, more than 72 million people speak Turkish in the world. It is the official language of Turkey which is one of the economically fastest growing countries in Europe. Moreover, Turkish is widely used in around 15 countries worldwide, including Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, France, Greece, Kosovo and Bulgaria. Ma’din has opened the Turkish institute when Turkish study centres are very rare in India. Among the universities in India, only University of Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi offers Turkish language course.

The first batch of Ma’din Institute of Turkish comprises 35 learners. Today, tremendous opportunities in educational and professional fields are awaiting those who master Turkish language. Language aspirants and professional college students as well as those working in IT & Business fields and those aspiring to career progress can avail themselves of the benefit of this service rendered by Ma’din Institute of Turkish.

For details, please contact: +918861632247, +919895506908