In reverence of the holy month of Ramzan,  Ma’din academy unveiled its 30 point plan-of-action stressing upon spirituality, altruism and knowledge. With diverse schemes filled with compassion, it expects to touch the lives of half a million families, during the month long program. Samastha leader, E. Sulaiman Musliyar inaugurated the comprehensive campaign programs which consists of spiritual enlightening forums, informative sessions, study camps, relief works, online sessions, ifthar meetings etc , here at Swalath Nagar yesterday.

Extensive preparations have been planned for the ifthar meets that commenced today. The iftars , organized with people’s participation, will source nutritious delicacies from the households of Malappuram. These warm iftars  will cater to thousands of people. Furthermore, informative talks and prayer sessions will be conducted by renowned scholars at the Grand Masjid, from 5.30 pm to Iftar time everyday. Ma’din will also organise relief activities at pre-determined locations throughout Kerala.  A two week long women’s exclusive study symposium called ‘Rayyaan’, will commence this Saturday. These symposium will also give a platform for interactive doubt-clearing sessions with renowned scholars.

A spiritual session will be conducted at 9 am every friday. And the Grand Masjid will host Hadees classes and I’ithikhaaf Jalsa. Ma’din academy has made extensive arrangements for the dining and lodging facilities  for people attending the Jalsa. A special session, explaining the history and information about 52 noble men in Islamic history who passed away in the month of Ramzan, will be organized this month. On the eve of Ramzan 17th, remembrance of Badr Martyrs and Maulid recitations will be conducted. Thousands will join this occasion to revere the memory of 313 Badr Martyrs who fought bravely to protect Islam. The 21st day of Ramzan, will see the inauguration of a series of spiritual conclaves and meetings to be held after Tharaveeh prayers.

Ramzan, being the holy month in which Quran was introduced to mankind, a study program called ‘School of Quran’ will be conducted at 7 am every Sundays. Various other activities like Qatamul Quran, community cooperative initiatives, alumni meet, will be organized during the campaign period. A very special event of distributing Eid Kits to visually challenged and hearing impaired people, and orientation camp will be mobilized on the 25th day of Ramzan.

For people who cannot reach Ramzan activities at Swalath nagar, arrangements have been made to webcast the programs through Ma’din website and other online classroom portals.

Extensive preparations are underway for the grand spiritual conference and conclave to be conducted on the 1st of July, ie, 27th day of Ramzan.

A special helpline has been put in place , for organizing this grand event.