Tareem (Yemen): As part of Ma’din Knowledge Hunt, Ma’din Academy commenced its Yemen expedition under chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleelul Bukhari. The team consisting of 36 members received a warm welcome at Sana International Airport, Yemen by the representatives of Dar al-Mustafa University.

The main programmes of the expedition which lasts ten days include a three-day international Islamic conference organised by Dar al- Mustafa University at Tarim, a historic town situated in the Hadhramaut Valley of South Yemen, which has many things to do with the Kerala Muslim History, Visit to historic cities, Interviews with leading Scholars and Historians and research on Indo-Yemen relations.

It is a fact that the scholars and the Ahlu Bait of the messenger of Allah (S.A) who reached from Yemen to Kerala have played a prominent role in forming the life and culture of Muslims in Kerala. About 30 families of prophet are said to have arrived at Kerala as part of Islamic propagation.  The Yemen influence can still be seen in the dressing and lifestyle of Mappila Muslims in Kerala. As part of the tour, an elaborate study on this centuries-old relationship between Yemen and Kerala will be conducted at different parts of Hadhramaut. The Knowledge Hunt team will also examine the manuscripts and old documents on Kerala-Yemen relation.

Ma’din chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleelul Bukhari delivered the keynote address in the International Islamic Conference held under the leadership of Sheikh Habib Umar Bin Hafiz, the international Islamic scholar and founder and Dean of Dar al-Mustafa University.

“ We are here as the representatives of the warm relationship between Yemen and Kerala. Hadhramaut is a city of peace and tranquility. Its culture based on traditional Islam teaches to imbibe all sections of people and to live in harmony and mutual cooperation. Therefore, the people who migrated from Hadhramaut to different parts of India have contributed greatly to the people’s peaceful coexistence in the country” he said.

In the conference attended by delegates from about 50 countries in the continents of Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia, Dr.Abdul Hakim Azhari presented his paper. Sheikh Habib Umar Bin Hafiz, Sheikh Habib Ali Mashoor, Sheikh Habeeb Ali Jifri and Sheikh Habib Muhammed Abdurahman Assaqaf spoke.