Scheme for supply of organic vegetable to households

The Madin Academy here has launched a unique agricultural programme with people’s participation as part of its ongoing 20th anniversary celebrations. Minister for Agriculture V.S. Sunil Kumar inaugurated the programme titled Madin Vicennium Agro Space Project on Monday.

The project, aimed at ensuring supply of organic vegetables, will cover 10,000 households in the neighbourhood of Madin Academy. As many as 10,000 plantain saplings were distributed at the inaugural. The Minister also inaugurated the terrace farming scheme being implemented as part of the Agro Space Project.

He also gave away awards for best agricultural practices.

Mr. Sunil Kumar said the State could produce toxin-free vegetables if its people showed the will for it.

Mr. Bukhari said that Madin Academy would launch institutional farming workshops in order to create agricultural awareness among students.

“We are planning to equip the youth with the expertise needed for farming. We will produce 10,000 student-farmers during the Vicennium celebration period,” he said.

Farmers such as Thorappa Mustafa, Basheer Pattalil, Badruddin Puthara, Ibrahim Cholakkal, Abbas P.P., Eni Mukkil, Yasin Pollaramban, and Abdul Gafoor received the Vicennium Agro Awards from the Minister.