The Ma’din Literary Festival (MLiT) wrapped up with the theme “Stories Climb the Mountain.” Chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleel Al Bukhari presided over the closing ceremony, highlighting the festival’s focus on the empowering nature of stories.

Over three days, participants showcased their literary talents, telling stories that resonated with emotions and sparked imagination. Chairman Sayyid Bukhari commended the participants for their ability to create narratives that inspire, likening stories to climbers overcoming challenges.

District Secretary P. Ibrahim Baqavi Melmuri led the valedictory ceremony, acknowledging the winners of the diverse literary competitions. With around 3,000 participants in 200 events, the festival became a hub of creativity and talent.

Keynote speakers, including Sayyid Mubashir Kasercode, Anshid Puliyanakkote, Muhammad Shafin Velimukku, and others, echoed the theme in their speeches, emphasizing the strength embedded in every narrative.

The Ma’din Literary Festival, with its theme “Stories Climb the Mountain,” not only celebrated literature but also provided a platform for young talents to showcase their storytelling abilities and rise above challenges.