In words, the ‘Crawl upon knees to know the joy of suffering’ would be that easy. But in reality, no words express the severity of difficulties suffered by those crawling upon knees. The paraplegia meet organized by Ma’din Academy at Madin campus seemed convincing that idea. Large number of people with all their physical inabilities, the worst among them those paralyzed wholly below their hips, attended in the one day meet. For those destined to spend their life in wheel chairs and those who felt discomfort, the ‘meet of love’ left before them the doors of hope wide open.

The function gained more importance when Sayyid Bukhari, in between the business of his hectic life, found enough time to spend and share their feelings. The meeting sought for further guidelines to bring their problem into the notice of authorities, and to find out novel ways and means to develop their inborn talents to provide techniques that increase productivity for them to lead the life themselves. Singing, speaking, chatting and sharing, they enjoyed their hours at the campus.

In response to their heart rending experiences of pains and suffering, Sayyid Bukhari showered his words of solace with his innocent prayer. Sayyid Bukhari also distributed economic aid and academy’s gift to them.