Tens of thousands gathered at Swalath Nagar on Thursday27th February in the rich memories of Sheikh Tajul Ulam Ullal Thangal along with the spirit of devout prayers. The programme that lasted from morning to midnight witnessed a number of events including commemoration talk, Khatmul Quran, Surah Ikhlas Recitation, Tahleel, Dua and distribution of Tabaruk food.

“Tajul Ulama was an eminent scholar of profound knowledge in various disciplines such as Islamic Jurisprudence, Astronomy, Logic, Tafseer (Exegesis of the holy Quran), Hadith and History. And he was a lofty example of steadfastness and daring personality with no fear of anybody other than Allah and without giving in any temptations or difficulties”, said Sayyid Khaleel Al Bukhari who was delivering the keynote address in the conference.

Samastha Karnataka Jamiyatul Ulama president Bekal Ibrahim Musliyar inaugurated the conference. Samastha Vice-president Ali Bafaki Thangal, SYS supreme council member Yusuful Jeelani Vailathur, Zainul Abideen Bafaki Malaysia, Sayyid Habeeb Koya Thangal Cherakkaparamba, Sayyid Ismail Bukhari, Sayyid Pookoya Thangal Thalappara, Sayyid Shihabudheen Bukhari, Kumaramputhur Ali Musliyar, Ponmala Moideen Kutty Baqavi, Koottampara Abdurahman Darimi, OK Moosankutty Musliyar, Abdul Jaleel Saquafi Kadalundi graced the programme with their august presence.