Samastha vice president E Sulaiman Usthad was conferred the Ahmadul Bukhari award organized by Madin academy for those selected for their commendable contribution to the development of Arabic. In the Madin Rabee spiritual conference, Samastha Vice President Sayyid Ali Bafaqi, S.Y.S Supreme Council member Sayyid Yusuf Albukhari and Madin chairman Sayyid Ibrahim Alkhaleel Albukhari jointly granted the award to Sulaiman Usthad.

Sys state president Ponmala Abdul Qadir Musliyar inaugurated the spiritual meet. Addressing the audience on the occasion, Sayyid khaleel Albukhari recalled Sulaiman Usthad’s efforts for the development of Arabic language. “Considering that Sulaiman Usthad is the president of Sunni scholars’ organization and principal of a prominent Islamic institution Ihyaussunna and thereby the teacher of thousands of scholars, his contribution to the dissemination of Arabic is praiseworthy”, he added.

Commencing at 4pm, the conference also included programs like Burdha recitation, Naath sheriff, Moulid recitation, Swalath and special prayer for exam students. Students from Madin Thahfeelul Quran led the Burdha recitation. Sayyid Zainulabidheen Bafaqi, Sayyid Habeeb Koya Thangal Cherakkaparamb, Sayyid Pookkoya Thangal Thalappara, Sayyid Ismaeel Bukhari, Sayyid Sharafudheen Jamalullaili, Abdul Wadood Paul Sutherland U.K, Kombam Muhammad Musliyar, Ponmala Muhyidheen Kutty Darimi, Kuttampara Abdurahman Darimi, Pakara Muhammad Ahsani, Shahul Hameed Baqavi Shanthapuram, Fazlurahman Ahsani, Prof A.K Abdul Hameed, Prof K.M.A Raheem, Musthafa master kodur, Abdul Jaleel Saqafi Kadalundi, and Yusuf Saqafi Australia took part in the program. The publication of a pamphlet about the life story of Sulaiman Usthad has also been announced in the program.