Showing lofty examples of devotion and harmony, hundreds of thousands of believers gathered at the prayer congregation held here at Swalath Nagar, Ma’din Academy on the holy night of 27th day of Ramadan. The mammoth Prayer Congregation ended gracefully with the believers also taking a pledge against the menace of the terrorism and alcoholism.

The Prayer Congregation is billed as one of the largest annual gathering of Muslims in India and one of the largest in the world after Makkah and Madinah during the month of Ramadan.

‘Lailatul Qadr’, the holiest night is anticipated to fall on the eve of 27th day of Ramadan and is regarded as greater than a thousand months in sanctity and rewards from Allah.

Apart from the main venue, People were accommodated in 10 different grounds set up across kilometres on either sides of the high way between Pookkottur and Malappuram. Taking the rainy season into account, special tents had been eructed in each ground. Extensive arrangements were made in the venue to contain the large turnout of believers.

The day’s programmes began at 5.30 am with a Hadith class by Abdussalam Baqavi Melmuri. Aboobacker Saquafi Arecode led the school of Quran programme at 7am. After Zuhar Prayer, Swalath Nagar witnessed spiritual events such as Khatmul Quran and Asmaul Badr Dua Majlis.

The believers who attended the mass iftar that reflected mutuality enlivened various spiritual events held after Magrib prayer. The Grand Mosque and its premises were overcrowded by the devotees who lined up in unison for ‘Awwabeen’, ‘Tasbeeh’, ‘Isha’, ‘Taraweeh and ‘Witr’ prayers.

The beginning prayer at the main venue was led by Sayyid Ali Bafaqi Thangal. Tajul Ulama Sayyid AbdurahmanAl Bukhari who is the president of Samastha Kerala Jam-Iyyatul Ulema presided over the congregation. General Secretary of All India Sunni Jamiyyatul Ulama A.P.Aboobacker Musliyar inaugurated the programme. Ma’din Academy chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleel Al Bukhari delivered the key-note address and administered the pledge against Terrorism and alcoholism.He also headed for‘Nariya Swalath’ ‘Haddad Raatib with a thousand ‘Tahleel’, ‘Touba’ and concluding ‘Dua’. In the programme, a documentary on Ma’din Prayer Congregation was released. And former cabinet misister C.M.Ibrahim inaugurated Ma’din online donation project ‘Reason for Mercy’.

The believers pledged that they would distance themselves from all actions and moves that may jeopardize our nationand destroy the unity and social harmonyof the country.

The events of the programme were telecast and webcast live by different television channels and Ma’din website as well as online classrooms. Several believers from in and out of the country joined the congregation utilizing the online video streaming, live telecast and online facilities, making it truly global.

Ma’din chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleel Al Bukharimade a fervent appeal for showing mercy to the fellow beings for the God to be merciful to us. “Terrorism, extremism, subversive attempts, factionalism and discrimination on the basis of religion, community, caste, politics and language are sure to destabilize our great India. As patriotic Muslims, we have a great responsibility to reach out to others with this message,” he reminded the mass gathering at Swalath Nagar.

The local authorities and police as well as the local people in the area extended their helping hand for the smooth running of prayers and speeches. And a special committee of 5555 with 2222 specially-trained volunteers made the preparations perfect. The prayers went late into night as people continued to pour in.

Traffic along with NH 213 between Malappuram and Velluvampuram were diverted and a strong police force was posted along the way as believers who came from different parts of the country literally thronged Ma’din campus where the meet was held.

Distinguished scholars and leaders such as Sayyid Yusuful Bukhari Vilathur, Sayyid Umarul Farooq Al Bukhari, E.Sulaiman Musliyar, Kottur Kunhammu Musliyar, Ponmala Abdul Khadar Musliyar, Sayyid Zainul Abideen Bafaqi, Sayyid Ahmed Hussain Shihab Tirurkad, Sayyid Habeeb Koya Thangal, Sayyid Abdurahman Mullakkoya, Sayyid Shihabudheen Bukhari, C.Muhammed Faizi, Dr. Muhammed Farooq Naeemi, Mansoor Haji Chennai, Chaliyam Abdul Kareem Haji and Prof.A.K.Abdul Hameedgraced the mass prayer meet.