Declared one of the important of the various projects of Madin Academy’s 20th anniversary celebration, Vicennium, Madin She-Campus was inaugurated by Madin chairman Sayyid Ibrahim  Alkhaleel  AlBukhari  at Enandhi near Nilambur.

Speaking to the public on the occasion, Sayyid Bukhari said that the campus was incepted targeting the empowerment of women with required fields of education. “The campus will extend full- fledged environment and facilities for women’s education and will be beneficial for the people living on the hill areas, he added.

Aiming at the development of people living in hill areas, The She-campus  will provide facilities for the studies beginning from primary education to graduation , post graduation and research.

The inauguration conference begun on 4pm was inaugurated by Thazhapra Moidheen Kutty Musliyar, member of central Mushawara committee. Nilambur municipality chairman Shri Aryadan Shouqath  was  chief guest of the event.  Wandoor Abdurahman Faizy, Bapputty Darimi Edakkara, P.H Darimi, Shihabudheen Bukhari Kadalundi, Jaleel Saqafi, Sayyid Ahdal Thangal, Shouqathali Saqafi karulayi, Firozkhan, Abdurahmin master, op Abdussamad Saqafi, all were present.

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