Vicennium annunciation journey, the journey organized as part of the inaugural conference of Madin Vicennium starting from April 12 -16, makes a splendid beginning. Madin academy chairman Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Albukhari and Kerala minister for tourism A.P Anil Kumar together handed over the flag to the journey captain Usthad Ibrahim Baqavi.  Connecting about 300 towns from three districts Kozhikode, Malappuram and Palakkad in the coming two days, the journey will be followed by the Vicennium meetss on the various parts of the state.

In his inaugural address, the minister said that Madin Academy accomplished great novel projects in the short span of time and this is that led to the denoting of Madin Academy in the Kerala tourism map. “Madin put forth a revolutionary movement for education and charity. Swalath Nagar, today, has turned a relief for thousands of people from distant places of India and even from abroad”, he added.

Sayyid Ismaeel Bukhari Kadalundi, Aboobacker Saqafi Areekode, Dhulfuqarali Saqafi and Zainudheen Nizami Kunhamangalam were also present.

Sayyid Muhammad Thurab Saqafi will inaugurate the journey at Chaliyam today. Sayyid Ismaeel Bukhari will preside. Abdul Jaleel Saqafi Kadalundi will make the message talk. Pakara Muhammad Ahsani, A.P Abdul Kareem Haji, Chaliyam, Sharafudheen Haji Kadalundi will be present.

Prof A.K Abdul Hameed sahib will inaugurate the journey in Idiyangara.  Sayyid Swalih Shihab jifri will lead the prayer. Abdussamad Saqafi will make the message talk.

In Mannarkad, Samastha Mushawara member Kombam Muhammad Musliyar will inaugurate. Sys state vice president Usthad Marayamangalam will lead the prayer. Ashraf Saqafi Poopalam will make the message talk.

Sayyid Habeeb Koya Thangal Cherakkaparamb will inaugurate the journey in Ponnani. Sayyid Habeeb Thurab Thangal Thalappara will lead the prayer. S.S.F State President Dhulfuqarali Saqafi will make the message talk.

Connecting the key areas of Malappuram, Kozhikode and Palakkad districts, the journey will conclude tomorrow evening at 7 pm in Manjeri, Koottilangadi, Pookotoor, Malappuram and Othukkungal