The annunciation journey of Vicennium, the 20th anniversary commemoration conference of Malappuram Melmuri based Madin academy is set to begin on Monday. The journey is aimed at publicizing and making the public aware of the plans and programs of the much creative and innovative conference Vicennium.

Connecting key places of three districts Malappuram, Kozhikode and Palakkad, the journey that involves Daff, scout, flower show and orations elucidating the message of Vicennium is scheduled to begin from five points.

With the Qabr Ziyarath (visiting the tombs of pious persons) from Vazhikkadav, Ponnani, Chaliyam, Kozhikode and Mannarkad, the journey beginning on Monday morning will move to its end on Tuesday evening 7pm at Manjeri, Othukkungal,Pookkottor, Chemmenkadav and Koottilangadi.

Prominent scholars including Sayyid Muhammad Thurab Saqafi, Ibrahim Baqavi Melmuri, Abdul Jaleel Saqafi Kadalundi, Wahab Saqafi Mampad, Dhulfuqarali Saqafi and Sidhiq Saqafi Ariyoor will speak on occasions at different centres in the journey. The Sunni organizations, on their part, have arranged most convenient facilities to welcome the journey at its centers, which exceed more than 300.