Madin Academy chairman Sayyid Ibrahim khaleel Albukhari will take part as chief guest in various Mawlid conferences in different countries of the south pacific. Starting today from Fiji, the conferences will conclude with the Mawlid Un Nabi conference at Brisbane in Australia on Jan 25.
At the heritage city of Fiji, Ba, the conference today is jointly organized by the descendants of the keralites migrated to Fiji during British rule and the Fijian Muslim organizations. On Monday, the program is under the aegis of Maunatul Islam Sangham. On Tuesday and Wednesday the conferences will take place in Sigatoka and lautoka respectively. All the programs are run with the cooperation of the Government of Fiji.
From Jan 23 onwards, different Australian cities will be the venue for the events. After visiting Sydney and Melbourne, the program will move to its end on Jan 25 with the conference at Brisbane.
The conferences are set to discuss the life history of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The conference will highlight the message of love of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in a multicultural society in the special context of the Paris attack. Representatives from other religions will participate in all conferences to denounce the extremist attacks in the name of religion.
On the sidelines of the visit, it has also been arranged to conduct the pre summits of the 20th anniversary celebration of Madin academy from 2015-2017. Accordingly, Sayyid khaleel Albukhari is scheduled to return after his programs in Singapore on Jan last week and the International Interfaith Harmony Summit in Malaysia on Jan 4 and 5.