Conveying prayer and condolence to the children killed in Peshawar and pledging allegiance to their families, Madin public school Meelad endearment ‘15 has begun. The school assembly repeated aloud the anti- terror pledge recited to them by Sayyid Ibrahim khaleel Albukhari. Inaugurating the Meelad declaration assembly he asked the students to recognize the teachings of Prophet Muhammad for love and peace against terrorism and extremism and convey them to the public.

As part of the campaign, the school will organize programs like Hadeeth and Burdha recitation per day, 10 crores of swalath to Madheena, Meelad rally, quiz competitions, symposium, and publishing Meelad magazines.

Senior principal Unnippokker, principal Koya Master, Noufal master kodur and Abbas Saqafi were also present.