Ma’din Mental Health and Rehabilitation Centre


Ma’din Institute for Mental Health & Rehabilitation Center is a mental health development center and de-addiction services situated near Inkel City, Malappuram.

We intend to promote the ideals of Philanthropy and Humanism and other human values, for the promotion of an ideal society based upon fundamental, ethical principles of all religions, which, we believe in essence, are philosophically one and the same. Our Trust also envisages providing services to promote the feeble classes of society, especially the women and children of addicted persons, who may be irrecoverably lost or maybe cease to exist, due to alcoholism and similar diseases.

The main object of our institute is de-addiction treatment and rehabilitation-oriented institutions and the other objectives includes the establishment and maintenance of centres for Family and Child Welfare and Education, Boarding Houses and Residential Institutions for students, workers, mentally retarded, physically handicapped and old age persons. The establishments of Family Counselling Centres, to conduct classes for personality development, leadership capacity, physical, mental and spiritual development of socially backward persons, to render financial and other sorts of assistance to persons who are victims of alcohol and other toxic substances and to make them de-addicted persons through medical, preferably Ayurvedic treatment, through detoxification with the assistance of advanced techniques and methods of Counseling, and through motivation and personal assistance.

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