Minorities including Muslims are those stood and even sacrificed lives for country’s sake at the time of crisis and the secular India will defend any moves to portray them as secondary or inferior citizens, said Deve Gowda the former prime minister of India. He was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the lifelong learning center and harmony conference at Madin Academy in Madin campus. “The driving force of country’s development, with no major communal tensions, is the communal unity and harmony fostered by the various religious and ethnic groups. Our military or police alone can certainly never make this possible. The ideologies that ignore this truth cannot sustain for long. Hence, the initiatives of Madin academy to build communal harmony are appreciable”, he added.

He termed the currency demonetization as a decision desirable in itself, inappropriately timed and improperly managed and executed. “Farmers across the country are on the verge of suicide. The government, in fact, has plunged the farmers already toiling with power crisis and production shortage into a deep disaster. The only one side of the crisis is being faced today. The prime minister, still, hasn’t dared to face the parliament”, he admonished. Madin chairman Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Bukhari presided over the ceremony.

Madin chairman Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Bukhari presided over the ceremony. The rector of Tirupati Shri Venkateshwara University, Prof.M. Bhaskar was the chief guest of the event. K Krishnan Kutty MLA, Adv Jose Thettayil, Adv P.M Safarulla, P.K.M Saqafi Iringallur, Abdu Haji Vengara, Moosa Musliyar Manhappatta, Adv Nizar Ahmad, George Thomas, Sheriff Paloly, K.K Faisal Thangal, P.M Joy, Sadiq Madathil, Dr. Husain Randathani were also present.