Thousands of believers turned up at Ma’din Grand Masjid to offer prayers on the occasion of Aashura, the tenth day of Muharram marking the blissful end of the Muharram conference organized by Madin academy as part of its Muharram programs. Starting from 10 am the believers immersed in supplications till the program ended with a grand ifthar at Madin Grand Masjid.

As part of the conference, besides the prayers of repentance and for those who passwd away, there was a special prayer for the welfare and well being of the humanity. Ma’din academy chairman Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleelul Bukhari along with other 313 sadhaaths led the various sessions of the program.

Addressing the gathering, Sayyid Bukhari said Muharram, the first month of Islamic calendar sheds the light of hope and relief to the humanity. “Defeating setbacks, setting aside the despair, Muharram is the occasion to renew the pledge for a new life. To seek refuge in drugs and suicides without facing boldly the difficulties is naive. The event of Muharram is the best example to remind that the blessings of god will be showered on his believers forever”, he added.

The online broadcasting through Madin Web hub and other channels provided access for those in the gulf countries to the program in time. A special program for women from 9am till 12 pm was arranged as well.

Sayyid Habeeb Koya Thangal, Sayyid Shihabudheen Bukhari, Sayyid Farooq Jamalullaili, Ibrahim Baqavi Melmuri, Aboobacker Saqafi Kuttasseri, Abdul Jalleel Saqafi Kadalundi and Aboobacker Saqafi Areekode also were present.