Malappuram: Muharram Spiritual Meet organised by Ma’din Academy on Thursday 10th of Muharram, the holy Islamic month proved to be an event of spiritual satisfaction for thousands of devotees who thronged to the Ma’din campus. It was a day long programme starting at till a grand Iftar at Ma’din Grand Masjid. Special Duas, Azkaar and Naeeha from great scholars graced the event.

As part of the meet, there was a special Dua for peace and welfare of the world people apart from the supplication for the forgiveness of sins and for those whose who passed away. Ma’din chairman SayyidIbrahimulKhaleelulBukhari presided over the programme.

“Muharram marks the beginning of New Year in Islamic calendar and it gives the message of making constant efforts to achieve success in life taking all the problems and hardships as positive, said the chairman. “ Major challenges of the hour are the disrupted family relationships and disordered social surroundings. It was the complete devotion to God almighty and ceaseless efforts towards success that sublimated our prophets and saints. To resort to alcohols and drugs at the time of crises and difficulties is actually a getaway from life, which is not suitable for humans with intellect. Hence, it is the occasion to renew our pledge to lead a maiden life freeing ourselves from disappointment and sluggishness and with never giving in setbacks in life”, he added.

And he also reminded that since the holy month of Muharram facilitated Allah’s special blessings and protection for many of our major Prophets from Prophet Adam (A.S) down to our beloved PrphetMuhammed (S.A), some people’s act of representing Muharram only as a token of sadness is really sinful.

Ma’din Grand Masjid and its premises were crowded with believers early in the morning itself. Special programme was arranged for women as well from 10 to 12pm. The online webcasting through Ma’din Webhub and other online channels helped those who are abroad to experience the blessedness of the Muharram meet.