Terrorism in the name of religion was unleashed by people who disregarded the long cherished traditions and redeeming qualities of Prophet Muhammed’s life and the pious path his noble disciples followed; expressed Dr. Sayyid Muhammed Ninowy, eminent Islamic scholar and founder of Planet Mercy.

The despicable and unspeakable cruelty being done to human beings in the name of Islam , especially in west Asian countries like Syria, Iraq and Yemen, is rooted in vested interests and political ambitions. Islamic principles have been highly misconstrued to masquerade terrorism in these countries. Dr.Ninowy was speaking while inaugurating the spiritual gathering organized as a part of Mahabbah conference, to mark the 20th Anniversary celebrations of Ma’din Academy.

Kindness and peace is the hallmark of Islam, without which one’s faith is incomplete. Efforts should be made to bring the benevolent face of religions to people, especially in times like this, where chaos & fear is spread in the name of religion. Thus, it is a huge responsibility bearing on all muslims, to erase the misconceptions surrounding Islam, by spreading its actual message of love, said Dr.Ninowy.

A Hadees-Scholastic meet, based on prominent Hadees study treatise ‘Shama’il Thurmudhi’ was conducted in the evening at 4pm. Ma’din Academy’s 40 day long ‘Milad-e-nabi’ commemoration campaign was announced during the occasion. Ma’din chairman Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleel-ul Bukhari convened over the session. Eminent thinker and Islamic scholar Dr. Eric Shu’aib Winkel was the chief guest.

Scholars like Sayyid Ali Bafakhy Thangal, Habeeb koya Thangal cherakka parambu, Sayyid Ismail-ul Bukhari, Sayyid Abdulla Habeeb Rahman Bukhari, Sayyid Shihabudheen Bukhari, Wayanad Hassan Musaliyar, Abdurahman Faisi, Moideen kutty musliyar, Kombam Mohammed musliyar, A.K Abdul Hameed, P.K.M Saqqafi Iringalloor graced the occasion with their esteemed presence.

A well coordinated medical camp, titled ‘Med-Hilfe’ will be inaugurated by Minister A.P Anil Kumar on Saturday. The medical camp is organized in cooperation with more than 10 super-speciality hospitals.