Ma’din School of Excellence

Ma’din envisages a new generation that can creatively respond to the changing needs of our time.


Ma’din envisages a new generation that can creatively respond to the changing needs of our time. Ma’din School of Excellence was the first initiative of Ma’din Academy, into the field of religious-material sync education. Established in 1999, the eco-friendly campus stands high in the heart of Malappuram city, allowing the students to experience the heartbeats of urbanization firsthand.

The institute boasting itself of its unique Library – houses the rarest of books from science to Islam and fiction to mythology- and publishing bureau, have been and is the hotbed of exemplary, turban donning, white sleeved professional prodigies, making their presence felt in and out of the nation. The institute under the strict and thoughtful supervision of visionary tutors admits students to grade eight and nurtures them with the maximum facilitation till they graduate and leave for higher studies. The institute’s careful personal approach to each student has helped in fostering the intense interdisciplinary approach that inspires many outstanding research achievements. Within the brief period spanning 8 years, School of Excellence arms them for the toughest of tests and moulds them to become morally boosted leaders for the future.

Academic Structure

Academic Curriculum has been designed for 8 years of duration

Courses will be offered from 8th Std to Bachelor Degree.
3 Years for Secondary Education
2 Years for Higher Secondary Education
3 Years for Graduation Period


Those who completed 7th standard in School and Madrassa education

Admission Period

During March - April months.

Fee Structure

Tuition fee, accommodation, food and other fees for co-curricular activities will be waived by Ma’din Academy.

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Courses Offered

HSISc (Higher Studies in Islamic science)
BISc (Bachelor in Islamic science)

SSE (School Secondary Education)
HSE (Science, Commerce and Humanities)
Computer Training


Shafeeq Rahman Misbahi

Principal, MA, Moulavi Fazil Misbahi

Abdus Samad Saquafi

Vice Principal, Moulavi Fazil Kamil Saquafi

Abdulla Owais Saquafi

Asst. Professor, MA, Moulavi Fazil Saquafi

Abdul Qadir Ahsani

Asst. Professor, MA, Moulavi Fazil Ahsani

Ahmed Kamil Saquafi

Asst. Professor, BA, Moulavi Fazil Kamil Saquafi

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  • MHS Library
  • Makthabathul Imthiyaz
  • Health Care
  • Academic Desk
  • Eco-Friendly Campus
  • Tradational-Dars Styled Hall
  • Convention Hall
  • Media Wing
  • Research Centre
  • Digital Lab
  • Advanced Hostel System
  • Smart Classroom

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Comparative study Islamic Banking and general finance.
  • Hijra Calendar designing
  • Tableegh’ Trips
  • Literary meeting in mother tongue
  • Foreign languages meeting (English, Arabic, Spanish etc)
  • Language clubs (Arabic, English)
  • Ideal club to promote discussion and practical of logic works
  • Personality development and social interaction

Notable Alumni

Dr. Zubair Amjadi
  • Linguist and Translator (Arabic, English & German) at Ernst and Young (EY), Company, Cochin, Ernakulam
  • Academic cordinator, Markazul Bushra Al Islami, Cochin, Ernakulam
2018 9567707416
Dr. Abdul Basheer Misbahi
  • English And Foreign Language University, Hyderabad.
2018 9539147967
Dr. Farooque Ahsani
  • Vice Principal, Da’wa College, Meenangadi, Wayanad
  • Lecturer at Madras University
  • 3rd Rank,Jamia Ihyaussunnah Arabic College, Othukungal 2014
2018 8754324066
Adv. Abdul Hafees Saquafi
  • Principal, Markaz Al Bushra Al Islami, Cochin, Ernakulam
2018 9947773361
Mahmood Hassan Ahsani
  • Presented Paprer in Singapore and Malaysia, (2017)
  • Mudarris at Ma’din Collage of Islamic Da’wa, Edupark
2018 974615164
Hamid Hussain
  • Spanish Dept, (IB & IGCSE) Green Wood High International School, Banglore
2018 9526364075
Saifulla Nizami
  • Director, Ma’din English Village, Malppuram
2018 9947306618
Muhammed Rafeeq Saquafi
  • Academic Coordinator, HOD (Facualty of Islamic Science), Alif International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2018 OO966571248215
Shafeeque Rahman
  • Principal, Madrasah Anwarul Musthafa, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
2018 +601117830127
Musthafa Ahsani Olamathil
  • Principal, Al Ihsan Da’wa College, Kattippara
2018 9747033436
Sulfeekar Ali Saquafi
  • Principal, Darul Fatheh Islamic Complex Da’wa College, Thodupuzha, Idukki
2018 9072956490
Abdul Hakeem Saquafi
  • Arabic Dept Head, Darul Hidaya Johor , Malaysia
2018 8848505607
Sayyid Yaseen Ahsani
  • Principal, Markazul Ihsan Da’wa College, Kanchirappuzha
  • Rank Holder, Jamia Ihyaussunnah Arabic College, Othukungal, Malappuram
2018 8089662357
Sayyid Kasim Nizami
  • Principal, Madrasah Anwarul Batul, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
2018 +60107022983
Hamza C.K
  • Asst Principal, Ma’din Arts and Science Collage, Malappuram
2018 9633031121
K.P Shabeer Ali
  • Lecturer, Dept of English , Ha’alif Atoll School, Ministry of Maldives
2018 OO9609169457
Ahmad Kamil Saquafi
  • 1st Rank , Thakassus, Markazussaquafathi Sunniyy, Karanthur (2015)
  • 2nd Rank, Markaz Kulliya (2014)
  • Member, SYS State Ideal Council
  • Mudarris, Ma’din school of Excellence
2018 7736366189
Jabir Unais Saquafi
  • 1st Rank, Kulliya Usooludheen, Jamia Markazu Saqafathi Sunniyya, Karanthur, Calicut
2013 9142086676
Abdul Saleem Saquafi
  • 1st Rank, Kulliya Usooludheen, Jamia Markazu Saqafathi Sunniyya, Karanthur, Calicut
2012 9605210133
Abdul Kader Ahsani
  • 3rd Rank ihyaussunna, (2014)
  • Mudarris, Ma’din School of Excellence
2018 7736140230
Basheer Saquafi
  • 2nd Rank, Markaz Kulliya (2015)
  • Mudarris, Ma’din Model Academy
2018 9037176582
Nizar Ahsani Vallappuzha
  • 2nd Rank,Jamia Ihyaussunnah Arabic College, Othukungal, Malappuram
2014 9605306811
Abdulla Uwais Saquafi
  • Mudarris, Ma’din School of Excellence
2018 9495019405
Sayyid Muhammad Koya Ahsani
  • Mudarris, Darul Fatheh Da’wa College, Thodupuzha
2018 8943113254
Noushad Ahsani
  • Mudarris, Darul Hidaya Da’wa College, Ingapuzha (Markaz Garden off Campus)
2018 7510573464
Shabeer Ahsani
  • Mudarris, MM Academy,Pandiyattupuram
2018 8301081036
Abdulla Ashraf Saquafi
  • Mudarris, Darul Hikma, Cherthala, Alappuzha
2018 9447759037
Abdul Gafoor Ahsani
  • Mudarris, Al Firdous Da’wa Collage, Kanmanam
2018 9497466276
Mashkoor Nizami
  • Qualified for Paper Presentation, Callifornia, USA
2017 7012010810
Unais Nizami
  • Linguist, Specialised in Spanish
2018 8089800918
Engineer. Shafeeque
  • B.Tech (2017), Studying Islamic Theology
2018 7736314490
Dr. Muhammed Ashique
  • M.B.B.S, Govt Medical Collage, Alappuzha
Muhammed Saeed Amjadi
  • PG Holder, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
2017 9037176582
Yasir Nizami
  • MCJ from Usmaniyya University, Hyderabad
2017 9502582933
  • MSW & Councilor
2018 9544640906
Amjad Sadeem
  • Qualified for PG in Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT)
2017 9567754503
Aslam Moideen
  • MA Criminology , Lucknow University
2018 9846171468
Shahid Afsal
  • IPCC, Calicut
2018 9207269587

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