Fiesta Arabia,  a 10 day long fest organized by Ma’din Academy to mark the celebration of UN Arabic Language Day was inaugurated by eminent scholar Dr. Eric Shu’aibWinkel.  UN Arabic Language Day is observed by the United Nations annually on December 18th to “Celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity”.

Arabs were in constant search for knowledge and consequently, they pinnacled in science. A major share of the world’s knowledge about science and nature was written in Arabic. Translation of these valuable knowledge to European languages was one of the major reasons for early Renaissance in Europe, he said. He was speaking at the inaugural session of Fiesta Arabia. Dr. Winkel added that, even though Arabic is the language of Quran, pinning it down the frames of a religion is  a grave injustice done to the language. Arabic is larger a phenomenon and it imbibes a rich culture and tradition to it.

Ma’din Chairman Sayyid Ibraheemul Khaleel Al Bukhri presided over the function.

Various events will be hosted as a part of Fiesta Arabia. This will include Arabic language-literature scholars meet,  Workshops and Literary Camps on Arabic, Seminars, International Arabic Reading competition for students , Award Ceremony etc. Fiesta Arabia is bound to revive the sense of Arabic culture and its traditional values in the days to come.

Ismail BaaqavyKotakkal, HaneefaMusliyarPuthanathaani, Abdul JaleelSaqqafiKadalundi, Ibrahim BaaqaviMelmuri, SulaimanFaisiKizhisseri, A. MoideenKutty, Abdul LateefPoovathinkaletc spoke during the Inaugural session of Fiesta Arabia.