The students of Madin College of Islamic Dawa at Perumparamba made the best use of their lockdown period by bringing out several online magazines, including one in the Spanish language.

The students named their magazine El Faro, which means lighthouse in Spanish. “Ours is the first religious institution in the State to bring out a magazine in Spanish,” said Shameer Thrippanachi and Swadakatullah Panangangara, managing editor and executive editor respectively of the magazine.

The magazine has focused on the COVID-19 situation in Kerala, going in good detail into the steps adopted by the State administration to contain the disease even as the world floundered in the face of its onslaught. The Madin team also brought out magazines in Malayalam, English, Urdu, and Arabic during the lockdown. Madin Academy Chairman Sayyid Ibraheemul Khaleel Al Bukhari released six online editions of the magazines on Sunday.

Ma’din is offering students opportunities to study languages such as Spanish, French, German, Turkish, and Chinese through its Centre for Foreign Languages. Online classes are currently being held in these language programs.

The association between Ma’din Academy and Spanish government agency Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi, has helped a large number of students learn Spanish in recent times. Madin students are teaching Spanish in many institutes across the world.