Swalath Nagar (Grand Masjid): Ma’din academy conducted First of Rajab programme to welcome the holy month of Rajab here on Thursday. “A believer who plans to welcome the holy month of Ramazan should spend his more time for devotion in Rajab and Shah’ban and it’s blessing is unspeakable”-Ma’din chairman Sayyid Ibraheemul Khaleelul Bukhari openioned in his sermon.

Tasbeeh Namaz, Thouba’a, Virdu Latheef, Dikr, Prayers and Tabaruk Food were held as part of this annual event conducted by Ma’din Academy, department of public relation. Ma’din has been coducting this event since 2010 annually on 1st of Rajab, the Hijri Calender.

Ma’din Chairman Sayyid Ibraheemul Khaleelul Bukhari presided over the function. Ibraheem Baqavi Melmuri spoke. Sayyid Muhammed Farooq Jamalullaili, Aboobecker Saquafi Kuttasheri, Aboobeker Saquafi Arecode, Usman Haji Thanalur and Bava Haji Thalakadathur were present.