The social security of the society can never be compromised and hence the curriculum of humanitarian institutions and organizations  like Ma’din should be designed in a way to ensure social security, said the minister for electricity of Kerala, Shri Aryadan Muhammad.

He was inaugurating the social security conference in Swalathnagar, Malappuram organized by Madin Academy as part of its 20th anniversary commemoration, Vicennium.

“To provide social security is a virtuous deed. Institutions like Madin are important elements in providing social security. Education if mingled with spirituality is inevitable for the social security and if not, it will be disastrous and counterproductive”, he added.

Madin chairman presided. Director General of Prosecutions Adv. T Asif Ali made a talk on the topic RTI: Scope and Significance. In his address he said the RTI is one of the prominent acts in the world that had strengthened the public.

. ‘The Right to Information Act had certainly reduced the gap between the authorities and common men. If we are aware of our legal system and laws we are in no need to bow before our authorities. RTI in fact has strengthened us common man’, he added.

Government pleader in kerala high court, Adv. Abdul Kareem Idukki, Adv.Abdul Ahad, Muncipal Councillor K.P Hyderali, P.M.Jafar, K.A Latheef Povathikkal, MSO Secretary R.P Hussain also spoke in the event.