Ma’din Academy campus here witnessed two weddings on Thursday. Both bridegrooms were visually challenged and had brought laurels to their alma mater by excelling in their fields.

Solemnising their nikah ceremony, Ma’din chairman Sayyid Ibraheemul Khaleel Al Bukhari described the occasion as the most beautiful in 23 years of Ma’din Academy’s history. “These nuptials will bring hope and inspiration to thousands of differently abled people in society,” said chairman.

The grooms, Jalaluddin Adani and Hafiz Thwaha Mahboob, have been students of Madin Academy. Torch-bearers of the Madin’s Able World programme, they both brought laurels to the campus by overcoming blindness.

Hafiz Mahboob memorised the Quran and represented India in the Dubai International Holy Quran Award event, in which competitors from 160 countries participated. He is preparing for the world-famous seven-style Quran recitation.

Jalaluddin Adani did his campus proud by showing exceptional proficiency in many languages, including French, Spanish, Arabic, and English. Winner of the UGC’s Junior Research Fellowship, Adani is preparing to pursue a doctoral programme in Arabic language.

At a solemn ceremony held as per COVID protocol, Mr. Adani married Nusaiba from Marancheri and Mr. Mahboob married Muhsin Sherin Swadeeqa from Olapeedika.