Universal love and brotherhood is the founding bedrock of Islam’s tenets; said Dr. Eric Winkel at Malappuram. He also opined that lights of Sufism goes way far, to attain mutual love for each other rather than just mutual tolerance. He was addressing the Inaugural session of the Mahabbah Conference organized to mark the 20th Anniversary Celebrations of Ma’din Academy at DTPC Hall.

Contrary to popular belief, Sufism isn’t just a myth or a figment of imagination, Dr.Winkel pointed out. In present days, where unfairness and treachery are daily order of the day, Sufism assumes prime importance as a  means to achieve spiritual tranquility. The very essence of Sufism, teaches a man to love his fellow beings without prejudices and to know more about Almighty Allah through unwavering paths.

In recent times, Islam is one religion that has been highly misinterpreted and thoroughly misunderstood, without rhyme or reason, by people all around the world.  This can be undone, only by learning more about the pious ways of Islam and its noble leaders that brightened the pages of History.

Sufism is gathering quick traction these days. Seminal works on Sufism, authored centuries ago, by the likes of Muhyuddeen-Ibn-Arabi ,Jalaludheen Rumi etc, has gained wide popularity across the globe. Thus, it is imperative to translate renowned Islamic classics to all languages. The translation of Muhyuddeen-Ibn-Arabi’s  “Futthu’haathulMakkiya” is one such step in the right direction, he said.

The ceremony was inaugurated by Dr.K.K.N Kurupp at  DTPC Hall  . Ma’din Chairman, Sayyid Ibrahim Khalil-Al Bukhari presided over. Scholars like Ibrahim BaakhaviMelmuri, AboobackerSakkhafi,  T.V Abdul Rahiman, Abdul JaleelSakhafi, Abbas Panakkal spoke at the function.