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Ma’din Public School

Swalath Nagar

The school adds another golden feather to the educational cap of malappuram town with its exemplary performance and amazing results.

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The school never compromises on the quality of education it provides and the moral atmosphere it promises. madin school stands singular among the many in the field thanks to its unique features and the innovative method it adopts beside to the trust the school could nurture in hearts of supportive parents and educationalists.

The huge turnout of parents to secure an admission year in, year out underscores the fact that we are the most sought after school in the vicinity. Child friendly KG section, trained mentors, born teachers, spacious and sophisticated class rooms, well equipped IT labs, well stocked and student friendly stacked library are the salient features of the institute to name a few.

Extra curricular activities

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To bring up the new generation to recognize the values a society treasures ,a nation  upholds, they are exposed to the various social services and voluntary experiences. Madin school students’ police unit plays a decisive role in instilling social commitment and national awareness into the young minds

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Beyond just being a school as any other, Ma’din public school strives to build a society having strong base of education and morals.

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