Ma’din Wadee Muquadhas

Cherukunnu, Kannur

Ma’din Wadi Muqaddas situated at Cherukunnu. is one of the prime campuses under Ma’din Academy aiming at empowering marginalized regions through quality education and skill development programs. The campus which provides various educational programs has been the shelter for the destitute, the poor and the underprivileged in the society.

Bright English School

Ma’din Bright School provides the students with a skill-based curriculum with Islamic character education. The school emphasizes the application-oriented learning methodology with a conducive atmosphere of holistic development of the students.

Moral Academy

Moral Academy is an integrated study center within the campus that promotes hybrid learning and project-based studies with a focus on traditional Islamic texts and discourses. The students are given intensive programs on language development and power skills.

Home Science Centre

Home science center provides women with courses aiming at building happy families rooted in Islamic culture and tradition. Psychology, Vocational training and skill development programs are given at center in a bid to achieve Ma’din Academy’s women empowerment goals.

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